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[Book review] A Home for Christmas

Dr Janice Thornton leads a lonely life, especially during Christmas. She finds herself at the doorstep of her mother’s childhood home, at the request of her uncle, to find Blake Ferguson, a handsome bachelor. Could she find happiness in taking over her uncle’s medical practice at Angel Ridge?

The story unfolds as Janice explores her uncle’s medical practice to see if she could leave behind what she knows and start afresh, and carpenter Blake goes about trying to win Janice over and finds himself having to dismantle the walls she has built around herself. The magic of Angel Ridge work between the pair and the outcome remains to be seen.

This book receives a 3/5 star rating.

The story of two lonely souls who come together over Christmas and find love and happiness is great for a light read over the holidays. The town of Angel Ridge is a beautiful setting for a Christmas romance, with the town’s angels casting their magic. Watching Janice and Blake bond over the Christmas lights is a treat indeed.

Despite the cute romance, however, there are quite a few qualms about Blake’s character. It is understandable that he has issues with his family, but he comes across as a bit of an abuser. For instance, his anger at Janice for spending time with her dying patients is quite unjustified, and Blake is shown to have expressed this anger on more than one occasion. His grudge on his brother too flared up towards the end of the story, when Blake’s brother came to Janice asking for help since his wife had taken ill. Following this, Blake began to beat him up and called his supposed love interest names without even asking for justification. This was an impulsive and brash move on Blake’s part, and it was disappointing to see that the fight was not even shown to have been resolved fruitfully.

All in all, A Home for Christmas is great for a light read, but does not contain a lot of thought-provoking instances.