Christmas Slaphappy

I love this picture. It’s cold. There is snow peaking out. Baby Whimsy is just happy with her little tongue hanging out. This is pretty much how I am feeling this Christmas. Happy with the littlest things. Relishing it all. Little things mean a lot.

Reading Home for the Holidays.
Making pine cone garland.
Drinking Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend.
Working on Christmas cards.
Snuggling with my baby girl.
Dancing every chance I get.
Shopping online.
Staring happily at my Christmas tree.
Perfecting my sausage and egg bake.
Eating tons of creamed spinach.
Learning about The Women of Christmas.
Watching sweet ‘n sappy Christmas movies on Hulu.
Breathing in cinnamon thanks to this DIY Humidifier idea.
Loving my goal to keep things simple and recyclable this Christmas.
Listening to pretty much non-stop Christmas music and I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas.