Pride and Prejudice Madness

My beloved followers, I regret to inform you that I may or may not be a bit infatuated with Pride and Prejudice. What can this mean you ask? Ever since I finished the novel Pride and Prejudice, I can do more than watch spin-offs. How can this be you ask? Well, I’m watching the 1995 BBC P&P mini-series with Colin Firth and slowly making my way through The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I’m also rewatching Lost in Austen. Plus, I recently revisited Austenland. Not to mention I’m still finishing the audiobook. It’s madness. I know it. I can’t seem to stop. I was at the library to pick up a copy of the Bridget Jones’s Diary and the 2005 P&P with Keira Knightley when I came across another book I added to my wishlist: The Pursuit of Mary Bennet. I can’t be the only one that was rooting for the bookworm, right? I can’t say when I’ll emerge. At some point, I should burn out and need a break right? In the meantime I’m taking notes, comparing stories, and having a fun time picking my favourite Darcy and Darcy wanna be. One day I promise a fun post(s) comparing them all. In the meantime, I feel as though a whole new world has been opened up to me. Once you really know their story, it’s hard not to see them everywhere, isn’t it?

So tell me, do you know of any film spin-offs I’ve neglected to mention and should lookup?