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Reasons Why You Should Read Love Like the Movies

1. Think about your favourite rom-com (romantic comedy). Now think about what makes it your favourite. Maybe it’s the tension, humour, or romance? Now take all those reasons and pour them into a book cover. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of madcap and some super aww moments. Close the lid, shake it good, and read it. That’s what you get with Love Like the Movies.

2. Have you ever seen any of these movies? Well, Kenzi in Love Like the Movies has to reenact scenes from these films. Nice right?

3. Basically Love Like the Movies is awesome. It’s romcom for the rom-com lover’s soul. If you’re like me and have fallen behind on romantic comedies, don’t fret. Most of the film references, as you see above, are from when Kenzi was younger.

Wee Print: There are mentions to infidelity, a few minor profanities, and one sweet undetailed sex scene.

Well said:

  • “The world doesn’t always make sense, but in a good romantic comedy, I’m guaranteed a happily ever after.”
  • “Some people require subtitles.”
  • “Choosing is the act of living with purpose.”
  • “Just like Cinderella: it always comes back to the shoes.”
  • “I hear Patrick Swayze’s line from Dirty Dancing. No one puts Baby in a corner. And nobody puts Kenzi in a tire. Or a marriage. Or their version of what my life should be.”
  • “Lauren’s friend in the movie says, Don’t choose the better man, choose the man who makes you a better woman.”

Warning/Side effects: Reading Love Like the Movies may make you…

  1. Miss video stores
  2. Reignite your forgotten passion for romantic comedies
  3. Wish you too could reenact movie scenes
  4. Hope someone turns this into the best rom-com movie ever
  5. Itch to rewatch all these movies and then some

Now go buy this book then come back and tell me which from the list is your favourite and who would play you in the movie version of your life? I’m thinking America Ferrera for me but I’m not sure who could play Mr Whimsy.